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Non Legato - October 2002 at Steinway Piano Galleries Orlando
Opening Reception with live music by Mike Kramer:

Thursday, October 10th 2002

6:00 to 8:00 pm
at Steinway Piano Galleries Orlando
407 339 3771
303 E.Altamonte Drive (Renaissance Center)
Hwy 436, Altamonte Springs

Map - Directions
The title of the show refers to the musical term “legato”, meaning bound; or smooth even style. It is a hommage to works of Bach played by Glenn Gould, whose treatment of the original notes can by described as “non legato”.
The displayed work is not a literal play on the term, but is based on structual similarities such as contrapuntal music, where every note has a before and an after. The works of HF are a visual translation of this principle. Every form is evaluated amidst its adjacent areas and according to its position in the overall painting. The composition does not become stiffly calculated due to the appearance of some “accidentals”, chance and intuitive movement of the brush as it glides over the canvas... much like the pianist who abandons the written note and plays from the heart.
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